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Our 2023 Blue Shark Snorkel Experience!

In September 2023, a group of Scuba 2000 members headed to Penzance in Cornwall, UK for a long-awaiting shark snorkelling experience! Having tried to do this the year before and getting blown out by bad weather, we were really excited for some epic encounters! We were definitely not disappointed and it was worth the long wait… check out the video and photos below.

Getting Ready for the Sharks!

The day began with us meeting at Penzance Harbour, at the base of Blue Shark Snorkel to meet our guide, Vicky. Once we were checked in and everyone had got the equipment they needed, we boarded the boat – Celtic Fox. The Crew, Fred and Andy were extremely welcoming. The team were fantastic throughout the trip – extremely hands on and involved, helping to keep everyone excited and engaged while we waited for the sharks to turn up.

We soon set sail and cruised out 20 miles or so, off Penzance into the deep, blue waters, with a depth of around 80-85 metres. We were lucky enough to sight two pods of dolphins and tuna on our journey out… the day before, they has also seen a sunfish but unfortunately, we missed that.

The Blue Sharks

After a long wait (about 2.5 hours), we were starting to wonder if the sharks would show. We were reassured that they would… it’s just a waiting game! Sure enough, not long after that, we had a beautiful blue shark cruise past the boat. It was time to get ready! The group split into two teams, each taking turns for 20 minutes in the water, so that there were not too many people around the sharks at all times. We definitely managed to get really up close and personal! Some amazing footage and photos were taken… truly worth the wait!

‘Shark Team’ Evening

The team were totally buzzing after the amazing day we had in the water! A celebratory meal was certainly in order.


While in Cornwall, it would be rude not to sneak in some dives… we had a Crew dive day at Portmellon and a fun diving day at Porthkerris, following the shark. experience.

Join Us for Future Trips

We will certainly be running more club trips to Penzance and we also travel all over the UK and abroad for amazing underwater experiences. Why not find out more about our club and join us next time?