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Magical Light Rays & Clear Waters of Leicestershire’s Inland Dive Site


In May 2023, I had the pleasure of diving with local photographer, Katie Thorpe ( at Stoney Cove, Leicestershire.

We were pleasantly surprised by the exceptional visibility, especially in the shallower areas, where we were getting 8+ metres in places, providing a clear view of the Nautilus, Viscount Cockpit and the cove’s most mysterious inhabitant, Nessie!

The light rays penetrating on the sunny days we were there, created a truly magical experience. Visibility at the Stanegarth wreck wasn’t as good but still reasonable.

Whilst the visibility is not always this good, the photos and video footage we both captured show how stunning this inland location can be…

Scuba Diving in Leicestershire!
Diving in Leicestershire!

Highlights from our May 2023 visit to Stoney Cove

Photos of Stoney Cove by Katie

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We have regular club diving trips at Stoney Cove and can also offer private guided diving or scuba coaching too. Please check the dates here or simply get in touch to discuss something more personalised.

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Stoney Cove - Leicestershire's Famous Inland Dive Site!