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SSI Training by Scuba 2000

Who are SSI?

SSI have been leading the way in diving education for 50 years. Since its start in 1970, by a group of dedicated scuba industry retailers, Scuba Schools International (SSI) has been an industry leader, offering high-quality training materials, standards, and instructors to new and experienced divers alike.

SSI is a founding member of the Recreational Scuba Training Council (RSTC) in the United States, the WRSTC, and the European Standards organisation, and holds a global ISO certification. These organisations set standards for scuba training, which means that your training with us is recognised and accepted anywhere in the world.

Over the years, SSI has expanded to include more than 30 Service Centres, is represented in more than 110 countries, with over 2,800international locations, and has materials printed in more than 30 languages.

Scuba 2000 are proud to have worked with SSI since we started in 1995. Here are some of the reasons we continue to work with SSI.

SSI Philosophy

SSI pride themselves on the quality of their training materials, as well as the teaching abilities of their professionals. Two signature components of SSI, that are interwoven into all training programmes and have proven success, are:

  • The Diver Diamond: the four components required to create safe and comfortable divers are knowledge, skills, equipment and experience.
  • Comfort through Repetition: teaching and practicing skills in a logical and progressive fashion, to the point they become second nature is integral to comfort and confidence.  This philosophy requires students to practice and refine their skills many times over, to develop the muscle memory that comes with learning a new skill, which often can’t be achieved in a fast-track course.

The SSI education system allows (and actively encourages) us to provide as much time in the water as needed and to complete additional open water dives, in order to build experience. We strive to incorporate these facets into all of our training programmes.

SSI Education and Programmes

Unlike other agencies, SSI recognise experience, in addition to formal diver training and education. Therefore, the SSI education system awards recognition ratings and levels, based on a combination of logged dives and completed training programmes.

UK diver training with Scuba 2000 at Vobster Quay, Somerset, UK

To create your free MySSI account and get access to the free features, follow the link below. Be sure to affiliate yourself with Scuba 2000 to gain access to free training!

MySSI: Your complete digital dive toolkit

SSI designed the MySSI app to be an “all-in-one” tool for all your SSI adventures. The app (and equivalent desktop web portal) features:

  • Digital learning tools
  • Digital certification cards
  • Digital dive log
  • Digital worldwide dive guide
  • Access to events and news
  • Access to the SSI global community and training centre network
  • Digital Insurance – show proof of accident and travel insurance plans (available from select insurers).

My Dive Guide: Your worldwide digital dive guide!

SSI created MyDiveGuide to be the complete one-stop-shop for planning your dive trips worldwide. The unique thing about MyDiveGuide, is that it is complete dynamic based on the SSI diver ecosystem. Each time divers log their dives through the MySSI app, information from their dives is used to update the dive site details in MyDiveGuide! SSI Dive Centres also have the ability to add additional information and photos for the local dive sites.