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We offer family-friendly scuba and freediving courses for children and adults (from 8 years+)


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Learn scuba diving in Leicester with Scuba 2000

Premier Scuba Diving Training in Leicester and Cornwall.

We are a leading SSI scuba diving centre, with 25+ years’ experience in the diving industry. We offer scuba diving courses and experiences in Leicester and Cornwall.

Let us open the magical underwater world to you through quality diving courses, holidays, UK trips and educational programmes. We have a family-friendly club and offer a range of quality equipment and services.

Many of our courses are suitable for children, making scuba diving the ideal family adventure or a fun activity to enjoy with friends! Through our Scuba Rangers programmes, kids can start learning to dive from 8 years old.

Scuba Diving in Leicester

From summer 2021, we are offering you the chance to try scuba diving in Leicester – the heart of England!

Our programmes in Leicester focus predominately on children, families and couples. We have a variety of learn to scuba dive packages, as well as try scuba or snorkelling experiences. Children can learn to snorkel with us from just 6 years old and to scuba dive from 8 years old.

We use the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Leisure Centre at De Montfort University, as well as the pool and open water facilities at Stoney Cove. This means we have a variety of facilities to suit all ages and abilities, with pool depths ranging from 1 to 4 metres.

How can we help you?

Why should you learn to dive with us?

  • 25+ years in business with a reputation for safe, professional training
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Family friendly, welcoming and inclusive
  • Small classes or VIP 1:1 training
  • Our teaching goes beyond the standards
  • Flexible training and travel schedules to suit your needs and budget
  • Learn with us in Leicester or Cornwall, UK
  • Learn or qualify abroad if you prefer
  • Friendly and active dive club
  • A highly experienced, dedicated and passionate team.
Learn scuba diving in Leicester with Scuba 2000

What do others say about us?

Friendly, knowledgeable and very calm instructors. Made my experience of learning stress free and really enjoyable.

Magi Bennett

Great team, very attentive and supportive. My kids (11 + 14yrs) loved the training. We'll go back as we advance through the sport.

Tim Myers

Bespoke service offered, high quality and personalised scuba needs and broad range of courses offered.

Penny Rowden

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