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Our Team

Meet our professional team at Scuba 2000.


Ayaan Chitty keeps everything at Scuba 2000 running. He leads the dive club and all our training in Leicestershire. Ayaan first learned to dive with Scuba 2000 back in 1998 and under Karen’s mentorship, progressed to become an Advanced Open Water Instructor. He was also Crew Manager and leader of all junior programmes at Scuba 2000 for several years until 2012. After a few years away from diving, due to life changes and other work commitments, Ayaan is now very excited to be back at Scuba 2000.

Ayaan has always loved the water, having been a competitive swimmer in his teenage years and working as a lifeguard while at college and university. He instantly took to scuba diving and has enjoyed travelling to many amazing locations around the world.

Ayaan’s passion is sharing his enthusiasm and love for diving through teaching others. He is now a father and family man, so naturally enjoys promoting the sport to children and families.

Travel Tribe Africa:


Karen Parrott is the founder of Scuba 2000 and a very well established person within the diving industry. Karen set up Scuba 2000 in 1995 and during her career helped SSI to establish a footprint in the UK market. She was also one of a small number of SSI Instructor Trainers in the UK for many years.

With over 25 years experience in diving, Karen has enjoyed travelling to many awesome locations in the UK, as well as around the world, including South Africa, Caribbean, Red Sea, USA, Italy, Greece, France, Gozo, Malta, Turkey, the Maldives and Indonesia to name a few. Karen has done over 4,300 dives and her favorite types of dives are Wreck, Photography and Extended Range.

After many years living in Uckfield, East Sussex (Scuba 2000’s original home), Karen is now based at Scuba 2000’s new HQ in Cornwall and enjoys the Cornish way of life.


Alice Clifton is an SSI Advanced Open Water Instructor & Freediving Level 1 Instructor. Alice has been diving since 2005 and has logged over 1,000 dives in the UK, France, Italy, Lanzarote and Red Sea.

As with all the team at Scuba 2000, Alice's number one priority is safety, followed by fun and adventure. Alice is not only very passionate about diving but she also gains a great deal of enjoyment from helping others to develop and enjoy diving. Alice believes that diving is a great sport for everyone, regardless of their age, size or gender and promotes this message to everyone that she trains.

Outside of diving, Alice enjoys swimming, off-road mountain biking and keeping fit.

Interested in working with us?

As we continue to grow and evolve Scuba 2000, we are keen to work with highly passionate and self-motivated professionals. We welcome enquiries about:

  • Part time Instructor or Assistant Instructor roles as part of our team
  • SSI Instructors, Assistant Instructors or Dive Guides who wish to affiliate through Scuba 2000
  • Partnership or collaboration with other dive centres, travel companies and industry professionals.

All our team, affiliates and partners must be aligned with our vision and be able to demonstrate safety, passion, fun, attention to detail and of course, top-notch customer service.