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Exploring Capernwray Quarry, Lancashire, UK


What a gem! A new discovery for us – there’ll definitely be more club adventures here – watch out for more details.

Capernwray is often regarded as the UK’s finest inland diving centre and it’s easy to see why.

I’d heard the visibility can be much better than other places… and we deliberately planned for a weekday dive for our first visit, so it wasn’t too busy. However, I wasn’t expecting crystal clear (almost blue) water! It was really fab – 10 – 15 metres. To top it off, the temperature was a very respectable 20 degrees too.

If that wasn’t enough, there is a whole host of awesome underwater attractions and amazing fish life. We saw large sturgeon, colourful carp and plenty of perch. All the fish are very inquisitive of the divers, so it’s easy to get photos!

What to Expect when you Dive at Capernwray


Another great feature of the site is the exceptionally easy access to the water – there’s a very gently sloping shingle beach that makes entries and exists quite pleasurable. For those wanting more of a challenge, there’s a more rocky entry point, ideal for simulating a reef or typical UK beach dive entry (where there’s usually a few rocks to trip on!).

As you’d expect, there’s a shop, cafe, toilets and showers for divers and non-divers. We pretty much has the whole site to ourselves – there were a few other divers and swimmers but nothing like we’re used to at Stoney Cove! The other thing I noticed was that all the staff were exceptionally friendly and helpful. I understand it gets pretty busy at weekends though, so the experience might not be quite the same.

The lake has varying depths but is great for beginners and those gaining experience, as there’s a lot to see in the shallower areas.

Aircraft wreck at Capernwray, Lancashire, UK

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