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Scuba 2000 - write an article and win a prize!

Do you like to write about your diving adventures? Why not write a piece for our website or newsletter? We will give a small prize for each article we publish!

You could write about things such as:

  • Your favourite dives or trips
  • Your diving bucket list
  • Tips and tricks for other divers
  • Your unique story or perspective as a child / parent / family etc.
  • A particular area of diving or freediving that interests you

These are just some ideas. Feel free to come up with your own. We’re particularly interested in stories and features from young divers or family-related content.

Ideally, posts for our website will be between 500 – 1,500 words and could also include pictures. Don’t worry if you don’t have pictures – we can add some.

Newsletter features can be shorter – ideally aim for one side of A4, which could include pictures.

Please send over your articles to

Our terms:

  • Anyone can provide content but it must be suitable for family readership and relevant to diving or freediving
  • We will review all articles and make a decision on whether to publish them online or in our newsletter. We are not bound to publish articles submitted to us; publication will be solely at our discretion
  • We reserve the right to publicly share all content provided to us without restriction, withdraw or edit information (in part of full), correct errors or provide additional detail to benefit our readers
  • For all articles we select to publish, we will provide credit to you and award a token prize as a thank you gesture.