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Welcome to the world’s deepest indoor pool and underwater adventure playground!


At a depth of 60 metres, Deep Dive Dubai is the world’s deepest indoor pool. Yet, that’s not the half of it! Set within a world-class facility, the gigantic pool holds an amazing 14 million litres of water and hosts a lost, sunken city…

Deep Dive Dubai is truly an underwater adventure playground!

I’ve wanted to visit this place since it opened in summer 2021 and I was lucky enough to come here, as an add-on to a work trip in November 2022. I was not disappointed!

On arrival, I entered the building and was immediately greeted by a glimpse into the pool tank, through the large glass windows in the reception area. There’s also a host of viewing windows over two floors, allowing divers to interact with people in the reception and shop area, as well as the lower floor restaurant. This is a great way for non-diving family and friends to be a part of the action too.

The lady at the front desk was friendly and welcoming. She booked me in, checked my certification and I was quickly chaperoned to the dive shop, for equipment to be issued.

It’s possible to take some of your own equipment – suits, boots and BCDs are not usually allowed but is provided, along with anything else you may need for the dive.

The changing facilities are exceptionally clean (in fact, the whole place is spotless!) Lockers are provided but you are also allowed to take phones onto the pool deck. After changing, I was guided to the pool deck to meet the Instructor, Jake.

As recreational divers are only permitted to a depth of 30 metres, I sadly wasn’t able to explore the full depth. With that said, most of the attractions lie within the 30 metre levels. This includes an apartment, complete with bedroom, kitchen and dining area, living room, library and staircases.

There is also a ‘wet bell’ at a depth of 20 metres – this a small dry space, enabling divers to ascend into a pocket of air and communicate as they would do at the surface… pretty cool.

As we ascended, there is a Mercedes convertible, motorcycles, pool table, telephone booth, shopping trolley, table football, chess board, park bench and various other props to play around with.

Deep Dive Dubai – Video Highlights!

Check out the highlights!

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