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Over the past few years, SSI have been introducing more and more digital tools. Those of you who have been training with us in recent years will be familiar with the MySSI app and online web portal. But, are you making use of all the features and, are you aware of how the digital training framework now gives us much more flexibility when it comes to teaching courses?

If you are not an SSI diver or are new to the scuba diving or freediving world, MySSI will probably be new to you!

MySSI is a one-stop-shop digital tool kit for divers! From digital training, log books, certifications and even a continuously evolving online global dive guide, there’s a whole host of great content – and it’s constantly growing, with more and more new features being added all the time.

The best thing is that the MySSI app and web portal is FREE and it’s available to everyone – wherever in the world you are! Whether your a diver or non diver – it doesn’t matter…

The content we’ve written below highlights 5 of the best features of the app and portal that are available to you right now!

If you want to know how to access the app and get some free training content too, then this article will explain exactly how you can get access in just a few minutes.

Scuba 2000 - MySSI app and digital dive log

The MySSI app is free for everyone! Image courtesy, SSI.

1) Digital Learning

Almost all of SSI’s course materials are now delivered online – 60+ products in over 4o languages (and counting)! This is a remarkable achievement; certainly one of the most monumental and forward-looking moves in the diving industry in recent years.

As Scuba 2000 clients, you will receive the benefits of digital learning for all your SSI courses. That means accessing course materials through any device (online or offline) and receiving updated content every time it gets updated. This was never possible before with the old style printed manuals. Updates meant buying a new set of materials or having outdated books sitting on your shelf. Digital delivery has completely changed this and opened up so many new possibilities.

SSI digital courses include rich media content such as embedded videos, animations, illustrations and high quality photos.

As an SSI Dive Centre, we can also conduct many of the course academics online too – this means more flexibility for you. We can run sessions to suit your schedule and from pretty much any location, anywhere in the world! Amazing!

Scuba 2000 - MySSI app and digital diver training

SSI training can be completed online – from almost any location! Image courtesy, SSI.

2) Digital Certifications

Digital certifications are free, automatic and instantaneous! No more waiting for cards to be processed and dispatched. Once we certify you for a course or you achieve a free SSI recognition rating, your card is available on your MySSI app right away! There’s still the option to buy physical cards if want to have them. But, the convenience of keeping track of all your cards on your device, makes sure you always have them with you and can easily show proof of your certification, whenever you need to.

It’s also possible to share your achievements with friends and family through Facebook, directly from the app by just the click of a button!

3) Digital Dive Log

The digital dive log is a fantastic feature – there’s no more paper logs required! Some of our divers still like to keep physical log books but there’s many benefits to going digital.

With SSI, the dive log is an integrated part of the whole digital ecosystem. This means that when you enter dive details and site information, SSI’s ‘MyDiveGuide’ is updated (which is explained next). Your dive details (site name, water temperature, average depth, marine life etc.) is saved. All information stored by divers is used to keep the information about each site accurate. This means that as a diver, you directly benefit from information other divers have added for dives sites you visit. All this information is available at your fingertips to help with your dive planning!

Dive sites and logs can be easily shared with your buddy, as well as log digitally signed through your own (or your Dive Centre’s) QR code. All logged dives automatically synchronise between your MySSI app and your online account. Dive information can even be uploaded directly from certain models of dive computer, for ease of logging your dives.

4) MyDiveGuide

Recently introduced, MyDiveGuide is a continuously evolving global database of dive sites and information, updated by divers and dive centres who are diving these locations all the time! This means that the data is much more dynamic and accurate that ‘static’ sources of information, which may not have been updated for years!

The unique thing about MyDiveGuide is that it aggregates all information recorded in dive logs (as explained above). This information is complemented with information provided by SSI Dive Centres about their own local dive sites, allowing comprehensive and accurate information to be shared with the entire diving community – not just SSI divers – but anyone who uses MyDiveGuide!

Because of the way this resource has been built, the more active SSI divers and centres are, the richer the information becomes. Therefore, the more beneficial this resource is for everyone!

Scuba 2000 will be adding more of our own dive site photos and information in 2021 – why don’t you join us!?

5) FREE Training & Benefits for Everyone!

The MySSI app is free and available to everyone! You don’t have to be an SSI diver – or even a diver at all to access it!

Anyone can register and affiliate themselves with Scuba 2000. There is free digital training available when you join and the app can be easily downloaded via your phone or tablet’s app store. Why not tell your friends, family and non-SSI diving buddies too? 🙂

For anyone who has the app already, be sure to check out any free content updates regularly – there may be ones added which you haven’t see. In addition, Blue Oceans and SSI 50 Years will also get you a free digital card upon completion!

Scuba 2000 - free scuba diving courses - Cornwall and Leicester

If you want to read more about registering and the free training available, you can check out this short article, which explains everything you need to know!

You can continue learning and embark on a lifetime of fun and adventure with Scuba 2000!

Continue Learning with Scuba 2000

The free courses available on MySSI are designed to give you a taster of the amazing world of scuba diving and freediving! For most people, trying these activities out for themselves leads to a lifetime of fun and adventure!

If you are interested in giving it a go for real or if you are already a diver and looking to further your diving education, we are here to help you! Simply reach out for a chat or view our range of courses!