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Continue your Diving Education

SSI Training by Scuba 2000

We have a full range of recreational scuba diving courses for those looking to gain both knowledge and experience in particular areas. Many of these training programmes are suitable for junior divers but for each one, you will see the minimum age clearly shown.

Recognition Bundles

SSI reward divers for gaining experience, through recognition levels. These are not courses but levels, which are achieved automatically as you log dives and complete additional training. We have created some special bundles that will allow you to work towards these levels in the most cost effective way. By making this longer-term  commitment, you will stay engaged with diving and it will keep you busy for a while, as you train with us throughout the year! In the colder months, there is academic or pool training to be done and in the warmer months, there’s opportunities to develop more experience in open water.

Open Water Programmes

These programmes are intended for qualified divers, to develop knowledge, skills and experience in a specialist area of diving. They will require digital learning, practical open water training and some also incorporate confined water/pool training.

Confined Water Specialties

These programmes are intended to build knowledge, skills and experience but require more of a ‘coaching’ approach than other specialty courses. To ensure maximum instructor engagement and achieve the best possible benefit to you, these programmes are usually carried out in a pool environment. Optional open water sessions can be included to gain additional experience.

Knowledge & Equipment Specialties

These programmes cover the knowledge and equipment areas. The delivery of these courses will vary, depending on the individual courses. Some may be pure knowledge based and others will have practical elements or in-water training.

Ecology Programmes

Ecology programmes are primarily knowledge based, with optional open water dives. These are great for those wanting to learn more about our fascinating underwater world. They are also excellent options to combine with a holiday or trip, where you will get to experience what you are studying first-hand.

Emergency Training

Learn how to identify stress and respond effectively in emergency situations. These programmes are great for divers as they progress further in their education. They are also pre-requisites for SSI Master Diver and all professional level courses.

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