Scuba Diving and Snorkelling Experiences for Kids!

Kids can learn to scuba dive or snorkel with us in Leicester, UK. Let them experience the magic of the underwater world, build life skills, become conservation aware and develop science knowledge. It’s a great social activity too – a perfect way to make new friends, enjoy the ocean with family and prepare for a lifetime of underwater adventures!

For Ages 6+

Snorkelling is a great way to begin for those aged 6 plus.

For Ages 8+

There’s lots for kids as young as 8 years to get involved with! This is a great age to start learning about the underwater world and developing the skills required to explore it safely and responsibly.

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For 10+

In addition to the Try Scuba and ecology programmes, the following courses can be suitable for those aged 10 years plus. This is a natural progression for Scuba Rangers. Depth and supervision restrictions will apply to all courses up to age 15. Children aged 10+ can also participate in some of our continuing education programmes.

For 12+

In addition to the courses for younger children, those aged 12 years plus can also progress on to the following courses. Please view specific course information or have a chat with us to learn more.

View all our continuing education programmes or have a chat with us to learn which courses are suitable for your children.

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